The Red Haired Woman By Orhan Pamuk  - Hardcover, New

The Red Haired Woman By Orhan Pamuk

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WINNER OF NOBLE PRIZE IN LITERATURE "On the outskirts of a town thirty kilometers from Istanbul a master well digger and his young apprentice are hired to find water on a barren plain. As they struggle in the summer heat, excavating without luck meter by meter, the two will develop a filial bond neither has known before, not the poor middle-aged bachelor nor the middle-class boy whose father disappeared after being arrested for politically subversive activities. The pair will come to depend on each other, and exchange stories reflecting disparate views of the world. But in the nearby town, where they buy provisions and take their evening break, the boy will find an irresistible diversion. The Red-Haired women, an irresistibly alluring member of a travelling theatre company, catches his eye and seems as fascinated by him as he is by her. The young man's wildest dream will be realized, but, when in his distraction, a horrible accident befalls the well-digger, the boy will flee, returning to Istanbul. Only years later will he discover whether he was in fact responsible for his master's death and who the redheaded enchantress was. A beguiling mystery tale of family and romance, of east and west, tradition and modernity. A fable of East and West, of tradition and modernity, and of fate and free will from one of the great storytellers of our time."

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